While having fun
we were creating memories

While having fun we were creating memories

Our story  2FOIL started in 2020 with the purpose of bringing you the ULTIMATE experience of E-Foiling, the newest sensation in the world of board sports. The passion for water and board sports is what Dim and Johan brought together. Our purpose is that we want to pass on our passion to others, using our experience and knowledge to let you experience the ultimate water sports experience, you can count on going home with a big smile. We believe that this is the moment, E-FOILING will become one of the new board sports for young and old in the Netherlands, add the beautiful inland water spots that the Netherlands offers us. We are and will remain a water sports country.

Book now and experience the ultimate experience and share the passion!

Everyone dreams of being able to fly, even the fish. The eagle ray tries it too, it jumps out of the water and flies over the water for a while. This fish is a symbol in our logo and indicates that we can also fly a little bit, just like the Eagle Ray, if we want, but on the E-foil.

Johan van Hese, 1972

 One of the initiators of 2FOIL grew up on the water in Curacao as a child. His curiosity about the water has never left him. His first sailing boat on his 9th, started windsurfing on the 11th. His love for water developed through sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, wave surfing and now the latest sensation e-Foiling. His passion, drive, interest in technology and design and the will to let you experience the experience of e-Foiling is why 2FOIL has become a fact. Book a lesson now and experience it yourself.

Dim Versluis, 1974

 From the age of ten he could no longer get away from the water, every hour was stopped in windsurfing. When Robby Naish showed the first kite jumps at the 1999 World Cup, he was convinced and immediately bought a kite set. Years later, a kite school on Zanzibar (www.kitecentrezanzibar.com) He kites a lot in the waves and in recent years changed the board for the kite-foil. From there, the interest was quickly aroused to the E-foil. Once insisted… you want it again and again… try it for yourself.



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